Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings Are Here

The Classics Collection

This collection offers all the classic designs for you to start your lab grown diamond jewelry repertoire, or build on top of what you have. Be it lab grown diamond rings, studs, tennis bracelets or rivières, you'll find what you need and some. Luckily, this collection also includes a few unique pieces that stand out among the classics for those looking for a special something.

You said

"Finding an ethical and a sustainable brand such as Diamind allows me to girl-math my way into adding more pieces to my timeless collection, without feeling guilty. Overall, a stunning and responsible purchase, and will definitely not be my last!"

Sylvia B. on her Classic Tennis Bracelet - Paris, France

You said

"Choosing Diamind for our engagement ring was one of the best decisions of my life. The process was amazingly smooth, detailed, and supportive, and the engagement ring they tailored for us was breathtakingly beautiful, intricate, and unique."

Robert Z. on his Engagement Ring in the Pavé Setting - Shanghai, China

You said

"I worked closely with the Diamind team to customize my new tennis bracelet and I love it! It arrived quicker than expected in a beautiful package! A more sustainable approach, without sacrificing the sparkle!"

Karine B. on her Classic Tennis Bracelet - Dubai, UAE

You said

"Choosing Diamind for our engagement ring was an absolute game-changer – it's STUNNING! We find ourselves staring at it all the time, even months after the proposal. It's just so beautiful, and knowing it was created with love and responsibility makes it even more special to us."

Georges B. & Reina A. on their Engagement Ring in the Classic Setting - New York, USA

About Us

DIAMIND is a portmanteau of "Diamond" and "Mind". The name represents the fusion of our exquisite lab grown diamond jewelry with a mindful approach to conscious consumerism.

We always have a reason to buy jewelry, be it to celebrate a big moment, to show yourself some love, or to appreciate someone for who they are. DIAMIND is here for the journey – we want to be there when you shape your moment, feel good and live well.

DIAMIND is also here to offer a mindful alternative for you to choose thoughtful living. Our jewelry is made with lab grown diamonds, which makes them more ethical and accessible versus alternatives. After all, we mind if it’s mined.

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Discover our Engagement Rings

Our lab grown diamond engagement rings are inspired by the women in our life: the modern, the brave, the traditional and the eccentric. You will find signature settings that can be customized based on your preferences of diamond shape, metal color and carat weight.

By choosing our lab grown diamonds, together we can save:

250 tons of earth

removed to mine a carat of diamond

120 gallons of water

used to mine a carat of diamond

143 lbs of carbon dioxide

emitted to extract a carat of diamond

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