DIΛMÍND: portmanteau of "diamond" and "mind"

A fusion of our exquisite lab-grown diamond jewelry with a mindful approach to conscious consumerism

Here to celebrate self-love, special occasions and thoughtful living.

We always have a reason to buy jewelry, be it to celebrate a big moment, to show yourself some love, or to appreciate someone for who they are. DIAMIND is here for the journey – we want to be there when you shape your moment, feel good and live well.

DIAMIND is also here to offer a mindful alternative for you to choose thoughtful living. Our jewelry is made with lab-grown diamonds, which makes them more ethical and accessible versus alternatives. After all, we mind if it’s mined.

Mindfully Created Diamonds

Our diamonds are supplied by one of the largest lab grown diamond producer in the world, where they are sustainably grown out of a state-of-the-art lab using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) technology.

With no mining involved, our diamonds are conflict-free. Once created, they are cut and polished to the most exacting standards internationally by our master craftsmen – there is no question around the provenance of your diamond jewelry.

By choosing a carat at our diamonds, together we can save:


250 tons of earth

removed to mine a carat of diamond


120 gallons of water

removed to mine a carat of diamond

carbon dioxide

143 lbs of carbon dioxide

emitted to extract a carat of diamond

Refined Timeless Designs

Refined to the very last detail, our designers create fine jewelry that you can wear anytime, anywhere. We believe that classic designs are the foundation of every person’s jewelry and have chosen to reimagine timeless pieces through DIAMIND to offer you what you didn’t know you needed.