Colored Gold: Rose, Yellow & White Gold

At DIΛMÍND, gold is offered in three colors: rose, yellow, and white. Colored gold is a combination of pure gold and alloys, since in pure form (24k), gold is an orange-yellow color and is too soft to work with to create the jewelry items you wear and love.

With the addition of alloys, the harsh orange color is softened, and the material becomes more capable of retaining shape. Alloys give rose gold its warm blush tone, allow yellow gold to retain soft variations of its “true” gold color, and can cool down white gold to shine through in its silver radiance.

Rose Gold

A mix of pure gold and copper gives rose gold it’s pink finish and ethereal nature. Often deemed romantic and feminine, Rose Gold is currently considered the trendiest option, but we believe it will never go out of style. It ages gracefully and will continue to be a subtle daily reminder of this time period which is a beautiful gesture on its own. Below is a representation of 18k rose gold which DIΛMÍND offers.

rose gold

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold combines pure gold, fine silver, and copper, resulting in a rich and warm golden hue. Yellow gold is our most popular and classic color choice as it has stood the test of time. The yellow gold setting will offset the added warmth of the diamonds giving you more flexibility within your budget when selecting a diamond, so we recommend a near colorless stone. Below is a representation of 18k yellow gold which DIΛMÍND offers.

yellow gold

White Gold

To achieve its white color, pure gold is often mixed with zinc, palladium, or nickel alloys. White gold rings are also dipped in rhodium, to give them a shiny chrome-like color, while also protecting them from scratching. It is worth noting that white gold’s bright white color can emphasize yellow coloring within the diamond, so we recommend selecting a diamond that is H+ on the color scale. Below is a representation of 18k white gold which DIΛMÍND offers.

white gold